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Aerial Imaging

FAA registered, 107 licensed and fully insured

Monty Rand Photography is changing the game on aerial Imaging. No longer will you need a full-size helicopter and pilot that costs thousands. Using The unmatched maneuverability of our new Inspire 1 quadcopter we’re able to capture stunning images and high-resolution 4k HD video at a fraction of the cost.

Our Inspire 2 quadcopter has all the latest aerial technology. A 4k camera system mounted onto a three-axis gimble capable of rotating 360 degrees. A real-time video feed is displayed on 1080p HD on a monitor giving a perfect view of what the camera sees to frame our shots. See what the helicopter is shooting live on a screen when we are flying via our LCD ground station. Broadcast live on to television with the drone. Lightbridge technology can transmit video from up to 2km away in HD! Indoor flight has always been a test of skill for all levels of pilots. Using Optical Flow technology makes indoor flight through buildings and hallways a breeze.

My video gallery page is loaded with samples of my aerial video work. We have a cool video of the Penobscot Narrows Bridge, The US Coast Guard Cutter Bridle breaking ice on the Penobscot River and our very popular video of Stonington, Maine. Before you check out that visual eye candy, let me say just a few more things that may be of interest. There’s no need to have a large takeoff and landing sport. Take offs and landings are done vertically so that I can shoot almost anywhere safely. Do you hate helicopter wind? Yeah, we do too. Because our quadcopter is small, there are minimal effects on the surrounding environment–even sand, snow, and water.

Our ever-growing list of happy clients is a testament to our ability to listen to our client’s creative ideas and make them come to life. We find it truly rewarding to see our client’s imagination expanded by the possibilities we offer.

Live Aerial Broadcast

Live aerial broadcast services are available to production companies and news organizations. Our HD video downlink can be connected to your system to provide live aerial drone broadcast. Seamlessly add this amazing angle to your event coverage.

Our Rates

Each job is unique with many variable factors. Therefore, we prefer to quote on an individual project basis, after having discussed or been fully briefed on the proposed project. There are a number of variables which may affect the quotation including the time of year, the location of the shoot, potential weather and other external shooting conditions, or associated risk of taking the job on. We are happy to provide quotes in writing once we have received a full brief from the Client and been able to discuss the requirements and expectations of the shoot, and think you will find us fair, reasonable, and transparent.

Availability & Booking

Due to the nature of the weather and the planning of shoots, we are very flexible when working with clients. Many of our jobs are booked very last minute. However, we must have enough time to do pre-flight checks and ensure that the job can be undertaken safely. We do require our clients to commit when booking our services and time. Unless the special circumstances or time doesn’t permit, we require 35% of the booking to be PAID IN ADVANCE. Remote controlled aerial filming is naturally affected by the flying conditions. If we are not able to shoot due to weather (i.e rain, strong winds etc), we shall not charge the client if we can make arrangements for the shoot to happen at another time. The 35% booking fee is simply transferred to another day when we can shoot. If the shoot cannot be re-scheduled (which we usually know in advance when quoting the job), we will discuss cancellation policy and potential fees with the Client and come to a fair and reasonable compromise. If a job is canceled due to other issues and simply not re-scheduled due to the client no longer requiring our services, the 35% deposit will not be refunded unless by a pre-agreement. If additional costs have been incurred (travel, accommodations), they will also have to be covered by the client.

Drones are always in the news. From people crashing them into just about anything to Google and Amazon jockeying to be the first to deliver packages. The world of drones and their technology is in constant motion. If you are like many business owners and stumped at how to use this technology to propel your business and increase efficiency, then this post is for you!

“As soon as you allow technology to progress beyond you, you will forever be playing catch up in your business.“

Many of us like to believe that we have a firm grasp on technology. We know what a “hashtag” is, we update our LinkedIn profile once a month, and our iPhone 7s is on the cutting edge of smartphones. But, here is the sad reality. Twitter is closing in on being ten years old, the iPhone 8 will launch in less than a year, and technology continues to progress every day.

So what?

As business owners, executives, leaders, and employees, we should be looking for ways to innovate and expand our companies. We should endeavor to increase productivity, safety, and efficiency. That means we should be examining technology on a daily basis to see what ways it can benefit our organizations.