Portraits by Monty Rand Photography.

Dexter Wrestling Tournament

I was recently hired to photogrpah the Dexter Youth Wrestling tournament and what an exciting event that was. We created tons of cool images for all the wrestlers. Here's one of my favorites from the weekend. For a limited time, we are making these sessions available for the introductory price of $50 That’s right, [...]

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Junior Black Bears Hockey

We had Junior Black Bear hockey player Owen Rand in the studio last week along with his brothers and sister. As usual, we had a blast creating some excellent images, and over the next few days, I'll be uploading some of the photos using our new custom designed sports poster templates. For a limited [...]

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Hampden Academy Basketball

Gabe Beswick of the Hampden Academy boys basketball team stopped by the other day to have a sports portrait session and the results are outstanding. I was able to create some great images of Gabe and we even did a few action shots that we used in one my new templates. For a limited [...]

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Central High School Cheering

I had the opportunity to photograph a recent Class C State cheerleading champion in the studio the other day. Emily and her Central High School cheerleading team had just won the Class C State cheering championship the day before she came into the studio for one of our "Sportrait" sessions. We made some excellent [...]

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Portrait of Brian, A fisherman in Maine

This is a cool portrait of Brian that I captured with my iPhone 7 Plus. The photo was then edited on my Lightroom mobile app. Brian was a commercial fisherman who was injured and has fallen on hard times. I met him this morning outside of Becky's Diner in Portland. Brian didn't have a problem [...]

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2015 Bangor Firefighter Calendar

Well, started shooting the 2015 Bangor Firefighter calendar today. The last one back in 2012 was a huge success so I've had 2 years to plan this one and I'm hoping it will be even better. Actually I know it will be better! 2012 was great, but 2015 will be incredible. As always I have [...]

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