Senior Banners

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Seniors

If you haven't seen our Senior Banners hanging a field, you soon will. They've been a great success since we introduced them last year. What makes these banners so cool? Well, first they're printed 3.5 x 4 feet in size, but we can print them any size. We print them on vinyl so they're waterproof and they come with grommets so they're also easy to hang at the field during your teams games. These banners are customized with your team colors and logo as well as the players jersey number and name.

We started out making these banners as a way to honor seniors on teams. Now, we have teams buying them for all their players. Whatever your use, you can count on them providing an awesome OVERSIZED view at your teams games!

We just introduced 10 more awesome designs that can be customized for any sport with your team logo and colors.

Spark Poster
Time Zone Poster
StarBurst Poster
Horizon Poster
Light Storm Poster
Turbine Poster
Hatch Poster

We will be introducing more designs shortly. If you have any questions on how to order this product for your team, call us at 207-990-3456 or by E-Mail at