We offer custom designed sports products unlike anyone else. Here at Monty Rand Photography we have a passion for photography. For over 28 years we have offered our clients cutting edge photography that is second to none. Below is just a small sample of the templates we offer our clients. For teams looking to take their photography to the next level….WELCOME! To discuss your teams photography needs, please call us at 207.990.3456 or E-Mail us at

Press Book

What is that? Yeah, that was our reaction as well at the the photo conference we went to this summer in Florida. I even skipped the hour long session on it. That was dumb. LOL. This product is the hottest new product we have offered in a long time. It’s a book. Yeah, no joke. It comes with an awesome cover photo of your athlete and then their photos are inside the book. You really have to see this thing to appreciate how awesome it is. We liked it so much, we have it featured on 2 pages in our new order form.


Memory Mates

I was the first one to offer green screen photography about 4 years ago. We found that the technology wasn’t quite ready. Last summer we took another look and found that the not only was the technology there, but we could utilize our cool graphics and also quickly produce and deliver our custom work. So, this spring we rolled out our green screen photography to all out clients and it’s been a huge success! Everbody loves our fresh designs and the custom look of our products. Below are just a few of our designs. If you have any question on our designs or to get your team or league booked for your upcoming season, call us at 207.990.3456 or you can E-Mail us at

Magazine Covers

Our magazine covers are printed 8×10 in size and we offer numerous designs. The most popular design we offer is the Sports Illustrated magazine cover. What sets our magazine cover apart aside from the great photography is that we don’t put the athletes photo under the masthead and call it good. We put the players photo over the masthead just like the real magazine cover and this gives a 3d look. Sure it takes a little more time, but the results are awesome and more authentic.

Team Panoramic Prints

Take your team photo to the next level with out team Panoramic prints. These prints are 10×30 in size, but can also come in various sizes.

Senior Banners

If you haven’t seen our Senior Banners hanging at a field, you soon will. They’ve been a huge hit since we introduced them last year. What makes these banners so cool? Well, first they’re printed 2×3 feet in size They’re printed on vinyl so they’re waterproof and they come with grommets so they’re also easy to hang at the field during games. These banners are customized with your team colors and logo as well as the players jersey number and name.

We started out making these banners as a way to honor seniors. Now, we have teams buying them for all their players. Whatever your use, you can count on them providing an awesome OVERSIZED view at your teams games!

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So before your next league game, tourney event or picture day, give us a call at 207-990-3456 or send an E-Mail to find out more about our unique services. It will be the best move you’ve ever made.


Get your athletes INSPIRED using these new series of custom designed sports posters from Monty Rand Photography today!

These templates are perfect for any sport as they are not sports specific! As with all our templates, we can customize colors, add logos, players names and jersey numbers for a more personalized look. You also combine your custom text to create a unique custom designed sports motivational poster!

Inspirational Sports Photo template
Inspirational Sports Photo template
Inspirational Sports Photo template
Inspirational Sports Photo template
Inspirational Sports Photo template
Inspirational Sports Photo template
Inspirational Sports Photo template
Inspirational Sports Photo template
Inspirational Sports Photo template

Championship Team Photos

There’s no better way to remember a team championship than coming to Monty Rand Photography with your new shiny hardware for a cool photo shoot. These photo shoots are available to all teams. For more information, call us at 207.990.3456 or we can also be reached by E-Mail at

Team prints

Our team photos are a step up from your normal team print. Using our green screen we are able to eliminate all the pitfalls of a regular team photo. No more closed eyes and everybody looks great!

Trader Cards

Like all of our products, we can customize our trader cards using your team and league colors as well as your team logo. Our cards are printed on actual card stock and feel like an actual trader card.