Junior Black Bears Hockey

We had Junior Black Bear hockey player Owen Rand in the studio last week along with his brothers and sister. As usual, we had a blast creating some excellent images, and over the next few days, I'll be uploading some of the photos using our new custom designed sports poster templates. For a limited [...]

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Hampden Academy Basketball

Gabe Beswick of the Hampden Academy boys basketball team stopped by the other day to have a sports portrait session and the results are outstanding. I was able to create some great images of Gabe and we even did a few action shots that we used in one my new templates. For a limited [...]

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Central High School Cheering

I had the opportunity to photograph a recent Class C State cheerleading champion in the studio the other day. Emily and her Central High School cheerleading team had just won the Class C State cheering championship the day before she came into the studio for one of our "Sportrait" sessions. We made some excellent [...]

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