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Memory Mates

Our Memory Mate has been our best selling photo products. These are printed 8×10 in size and feature a team photo and an Ind. photo all on one photo. We customize the design with your team colors and logo if available as well as the players name, team name and year. Many studios use a generic cardboard mount and give you 2 different photos. If you’ve ever received this, you know that the cardboard mount bends and then your left with 2 photos. We feel that our product is easy to frame and has a more custom look and feel for the same money.

Trader Cards

Like all of our products, we can customize our trader cards using your team and league colors as well as your team logo. Unlike trader cards that you get from other places, our cards are printed on actual card stock and feel like an actual trad card.

Magazine Covers

Our magazine covers are printed 8×10 in size and we offer numerous designs. The most popular design we offer is the Sports Illustrated magazine cover. What sets our magazine cover apart aside from the great photography is that we don’t put the athletes photo under the masthead and call it good. We put the players photo over the masthead just like the real magazine cover and this gives a 3d look. Sure it takes a little more time, but the results are awesome and more authentic.

Enhanced Team prints

Our enhanced prints are a step up from your normal team print. Highlighting your team photo is your team logo, team name and year. A great keepsake and it’s no wonder we sell quite a few!

Senior Banners

If you haven’t seen our Senior Banners hanging a field, you soon will. They’ve been a great success since we introduced them last year. What makes these banners so cool? Well, first they’re printed 3.5 x 4 feet in size, but we can print them any size. We print them on vinyl so they’re waterproof and they come with grommets so they’re also easy to hang at the field during your teams games. These banners are customized with your team colors and logo as well as the players jersey number and name.

We started out making these banners as a way to honor seniors on teams. Now, we have teams buying them for all their players. Whatever your use, you can count on them providing an awesome OVERSIZED view at your teams games!

We will be introducing more designs shortly. If you have any questions on how to order this product for your team, call us at 207-990-3456 or by E-Mail at any questions on how to order this product for your team, call us at 207-990-3456 or by E-Mail at monty@montyrand.cust introduced 10 more awesome designs that can be customized for any sport with your team logo and colors.