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A concept born out of a love for sports photography and art

The “Sportrait” is a concept born out of a love for sports photography and portraits. Our custom designed sports poster or “Sportrait” captures the raw passion of you or your athlete’s love of a sport and celebrates commitment, effort and accomplishment through a completely unique custom designed sports poster.

At Monty Rand Photography, We believe that the real heroes of sport sweat for free. No color commentators, not fans in face paint, no referees, umpires, or judges. Just raw passion for the sport and competitive intensity. We understand, this is how we see you ad this is how we want the rest of the world to see you.

Sure, there are plenty of artworks celebrating professional athletes, but what about your athlete!? Wouldn’t you love to have a personalized piece of sports art? If you are a parent of an athlete, an amateur athlete, of love someone who is, contact us today to learn more about the “Sportrait.”

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